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Under Chapter 5 – Judiciary, Part A – Courts and Judicial Officers of the 2013 Constitution of the Republic of Fiji, Judicial Power and authority of the State is vested in the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, the High Court, the Magistrates’ Court, and in other courts or tribunals created by law.


The Head of the Judiciary is the Honorable Chief Justice. The Chief Magistrate heads the Magistracy and the Small Claims Tribunal while the Chief Registrar is the Chief Accounting Officer of Judicial Department and heads the Court Support Staff or the non-judicial officers.


The courts and all judicial officers are independent of the legislative and executive branches of
Government, and are subject only to the Constitution and the law, which they must apply without fear, favour or prejudice.


No person may interfere with the judicial functioning of the courts, or unreasonably interfere with the administrative functioning of the courts.


Parliament and Cabinet, through legislative and other measures, must assist and protect the courts to ensure their independence, impartiality, accessibility and effectiveness. Parliament must ensure that the Judiciary has adequate financial and other resources to perform its functions and exercise its powers properly.


The Judiciary has control of its own budget and finances, as approved by Parliament. The establishment of the Courts and their functions are clearly articulated in accordance with Chapter 5 of the 2013 Constitution of the Republic of Fiji. In this regard, the Judicial Department is responsible for enhancing the quality of Justice in the community by ensuring an effective and accessible system of Courts. The Department upholds the principles of equality, fairness, access and commitment while protecting the dignity and rights of all members of the community.


The Judicial Department is committed to its stated Vision, Mission and Values. The Department organizes regular training for its Staff and Judicial Officers so as to upskill continuously and maintain a strong course in its commitment to its Vision, Mission and Values.


An independent and impartial Judicial system for the Republic of Fiji.


To ensure a Judicial system that is accessible, efficient, effective and transparent.


The Department is committed to:

i. Good Governance – an accountable and responsible workforce.
ii. Professionalism – integrity, timeliness, honesty and courtesy.
iii. Equity – equal treatment, impartiality and fairness for all.
iv. Excellent Customer Service – responsiveness and on time service delivery.
v. People Capital Development – capacity building as per the Organisational needs.
vi. Innovation and Creativity – developing, initiating and generating new ideas for growth.
vii. Safe and Healthy Work Environment – a commitment to protecting the health and safety of all employees, customers and the natural environment,
viii. Exemplary Leadership & Teamwork – visionary leaders who celebrate values and victories through creating a spirit of community.


Statement of Commitment

To serve justice in the community by reaching out to the public and attending to Judicial tasks diligently, efficiently and in a timely manner.