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High Court

Key Information


The High Court Registry is responsible for the safe custody and safekeeping of Court records; collecting and accounting for all fees received by the Court; and all aspects of proceedings and appeals.


The Principal Registry of the High Court of Fiji is situated at the Government Building in Suva. The divisional offices of the Registry are in Lautoka and Labasa.



Mondays – Thursdays: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Fridays (except for Public Holidays): 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM




High Court Criminal Registry: hccrimsuva.judiciaryfiji@gmail.com
High Court Civil Registry:
Lautoka High Court Registry: ltkahighct.judiciaryfiji@gmail.com



Chief Registrar – CR’s PA: +679 3211482

Deputy Registrar – DR’s Legal: +679 3211353

Deputy Registrar – DR’s PA: +679 3211893

Support Staff: +679 3211235

Executive Officer – EO (Travel): +679 3211747

Support Staff: +679 3211269




PO BOX 2215 Government Bldgs, Suva

Senior Court Officer: +679 3211371
General enquiries: +679 3211231 / +679 3211232
Probate Officer: +679 3211417
FNPF Officer: +679 3211496




PO BOX 388, High Court, Lautoka

Senior Court Officer: +679 666 0969
General enquiries: +679 666 0877




PO BOX 56, High Court, Labasa

Senior Court Officer: +679 881 1531
General enquiries: +679 881 1772





    The High Court has unlimited original jurisdiction to hear and determine any civil or criminal proceedings under any law and such other original jurisdiction as is conferred on it under the Law. It also has original jurisdiction in any matter arising under our Constitution or involving its interpretation. It is the Court of Disputed Returns in matters affecting elections to Parliament. Further, it has jurisdiction to hear and determine appeals from the lower courts.


    Probate Jurisdiction is also a section in the High Court dealing with grants and application of probate filed under the Succession, Probate & Administration Act. Order 76 of the High Court Rules and other practice directions comes into play in as far as the probate application. The Probate Section is also responsible for the registration of Wills and the processing of FNPF Invalid Nomination & Valid Minor Nominee applications. This is governed by the Wills Act (Cap 59) and the FNPF Act 2011.

    Judges of the High Court

    Chief Registrar 


    Hon. Mr. Justice Yohan Liyanage


    High Court


    Hon. Acting Chief Justice- Mr Justice Kamal Kumar

    Hon. Mr Justice Daniel Goundar

    Hon. Mr Justice Salesi Temo

    Hon. Madam Justice Anjala Wati

    Hon. Mr Justice Ariam Mutunayagam

    Hon. Mr Justice Deepthi Amaratunga

    Hon. Mr Justice Aruna Aluthge

    Hon. Mr Justice Lyone Seneviratne

    Hon. Mr Justice Vinsent Perera

    Hon. Mr Justice Riyaz Hamza

    Hon. Mr Justice V D Sharma (Acting)

    Hon. Mr Justice Rangajeeva Wimalasena (Acting)

    Hon. Mr Justice Javed Mansoor



    Hon. Mr Justice Mohamed Ajmeer

    Hon. Mr Justice Anare Tuilevuka

    Hon. Mr Justice Sunil Sharma

    Hon. Mr Justice Jude Nanayakkara

    Hon. Mr Justice Chamath Morais

    Hon. Mr Justice Alan Stuart



    Master Siainiu Fa’alogo-Bull



    Master Mohamed Azhar Lebbe



    Master Vandhana Lal (Acting)


    Calendar to be updated here when dates are confirmed.

    Fee(s) [VIP]

    All initial Applications $115

    Acknowledgment of Service $11.50

    Affidavit of Service No Fee

    All kinds of Petition $115

    Affidavit Verifying Petition No Fee

    Appeal $115

    Affidavit `{`FNPF Claim`}` $5.75

    Agreed Bundle of Documents No Fee

    Copy pleadings No Fee

    Ex-parte Motion/ Summon `{`Initial Application`}` $115

    Ex-parte Motion/ Summon $57.50

    First Amended documents $23

    Hearing fees $115

    Indemnity letter $11.50

    Judgment in Default $57.50

    Leave to issue third Party proceedings $57.50

    Late filing fees $23.00

    Notice of Summons with Affidavit in Support $57.50

    Notice of Motion with Affidavit in Support $57.50

    Order $11.50

    Photocopy of documents per page $1.50

    Plaintiffs/ Defendants list of documents No Fee

    Pracipe $5.75

    Reply to Defence/ Statement of Claim/ Counter-Claim $57.50

    Second Amended documents `{`seek leave from Court`}`

    Statement of Defence/ Reply/ Counter-Claim $57.50

    Summons for Direction $57.50

    Summary Judgment $57.50

    Search fee $11.50

    Subpoena $11.50

    Writ of Summon $115