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Mondays – Thursdays: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Fridays: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (except for gazetted Public Holidays)





Suva Family Division of the Magistrates Court
Level 1, Government Buildings, Suva.
GPO Box 2215, Government Buildings.

Senior Court Officer I: +679 321 1810 / +679 9922187
Court Officer: +679 321 1837
Director Counseling: +679 3211 848
Secretary: +679 3211 849
Counselor: +679 3211 552
Registrar: +679 3211 835
Assistant Registrar: +679 3211 630
General Enquiries: +679 321 1811

Ground Level, Government Buildings, Suva

Court Officer: +679 3211 257
General Enquiries: +679 3211 291



Saqa Street, Valelevu, Nasinu, beside Housing Authority.

PO BOX 7748 Magistrate’s Court, Nasinu.


Senior Court Officer II: +679 8925320 / +679 9922271

Enquiries: +679 8925390




Level 1, 3 Kings Building, Nausori Town.

PO BOX 227 Magistrate’s Court, Nausori.


Senior Court Officer II: +679 8924 855 / +679 9922276

Court Officer: +679 8924 856

Civil Clerk: +679 8924 869

Criminal Clerk: +679 8924 866

DVRO Clerk: +679 8924 865

Court 1 Clerk: +679 8924 868

Court 2 Clerk: +679 8924 872

Counter Clerk: +679 8924 874

General Enquiries: +679 8924 920




Levuka Town, Ovalau.

PO BOX 66 Magistrate’s Court, Levuka.


Court Officer: +679 3440 355 / +679 9922491




Deepwater Road, Korovou.

P O BOX 227 Magistrate’s Court, Nausori.


Officer In Charge: +679 8924 731 / +679 8301126

General Enquiries: +679 8924 730 / +679 8924 732



Serua Provincial Building, Vuninokonoko Road. Navua.

PO BOX 678 Magistrate’s Court, Navua.


Court Officer: +679 3460 654 / +679 9922291

Enquiries : +679 3460 644




Lautoka Family Court
Level 2, Lautoka Court Complex – Along Tavewa Avenue, Lautoka.
PO Box 4253, Lautoka.

Senior Court Officer I: +679 666 0059 / +679 9922305
General Enquiries: +679 666 8199
Family Court Registry:



Lawaqa Road, Sigatoka.

PO BOX 87 Magistrate’s Court, Sigatoka.


Court Officer/General Enquiries: +679 6500 067 / +679 9922302




Koroivolu Ave, Nadi Town.

PO BOX 1275 Magistrate’s Court, Nadi.


Court Officer: +679 670 0962 / +679 9922297

General Enquiries: +679 6701322 / +679 670 1762 / +679 670 0960




Old Kings Rd, Ba Town.

PO BOX 430 Magistrate’s Court, Ba.


Court Officer: +679 667 4287 / +679 8308910

General Enquiries: +679 667 1817




Nabuna Street, Tavua.

PO BOX 516 Magistrate’s Court, Tavua.


Court Officer/General Enquiries: +679 668 0022 / +679 9922345




Rakiraki Town.

PO BOX 87 Magistrate’s Court, Rakiraki.


Court Officer/General Enquiries: +679 6669 4349/ +679 9922347




Labasa Family Court
Ground Level, Katonivere House – Hospital Road, Labasa.
P O BOX 56, High Court, Labasa.

Assistant Registrar: +679 881 8920
Court Officer: +679 881 8922 / +679 9922422
General Enquiries: +679 881 8924
Family Court Registry:



Ground Floor, Naturubu House, Savusavu Town.

PO BOX 160 Magistrate’s Court, Savusavu.


Court Officer: +679 8926140 / +679 9922464

General Enquiries: +6798926150




Waiyevo Road, Between Taveuni Police Station and Telecom Fiji Exchange.

PO BOX 31 Magistrate’s Court, Taveuni.


Court Officer: +679 888 0484 / +679 9922490

General Enquiries: +679 888 0081 / +679 9922490




If you need assistance

Ask the Court Registry in your area for the information about the services listed below:


Legal Aid Office
Suva Phone: +679 3311195
Lautoka Phone: +679 6650011
Labasa Phone: +679 8815118


Department of Social Welfare
Suva Phone: +679 3315585



Please ask Court staff for other organisations in your area which may be able to assist you.




    The Family Court is presided over by a Judge and two Magistrates. It is vested with jurisdiction under the Family Law Act 2003.The Family Court of the Fiji Islands officially opened on 31st October, 2005. The Family Law Act 2003 came into effect on 1st November, 2015. The Court has two Divisions:

    • Family Court Division of the High Court
    • Family Court Division of the Magistrates Court


    Family Division of the Magistrate’s Court is subordinate to the Family Division of the High Court. This Division consists of such Resident Magistrates as the Chief Magistrate determines.


    The Family Division of the Magistrates’ Court has jurisdiction in:

    1. Matrimonial causes and all other matters instituted or continued under the Family Law Act 2003;
    2. Any other matter in respect of which jurisdiction is conferred on it by a written law


    Subject to this Act all Magistrates of the Division have all such powers as are granted by law to Resident Magistrates and to Magistrates Courts


    Sittings of Magistrates of the Division are to be held from time to time as required at such places in the Fiji Islands as the Chief Magistrate directs.


    The practice and procedure of each Family Division are governed by the rules of the respective Division.


    The Family Division of the Magistrates Court deals with matters such as Application for Declaration as to Validity, Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce), Maintenance & Contribution applications, matrimonial property distribution between the parties, residence/contact issues in relation to children, absconding warrant application in order to stop a party from leaving the Country prior to finalization of the matter, Recovery Order application for recovering a child(ren), DVRO applications, Reciprocal enforcements, Adoption applications, Judgment Debtors Summons, Contempt application when a party breaches a Court Order, Enforcement of Maintenance orders. Interim applications are also made in respect of some of the substantive matters.


    Family Court property, residence and contact matters are dealt by the Registrar /Deputy Registrar and Counsellors for case assessment.


    Counselling is also part of the service provided by the Family Court. It is headed by the Director, Counsellors and offers services free of charges. It also becomes an integral part of a proceeding when it comes to children’s issues.


    In so far as the rules of the respective Divisions are insufficient, the High Court Rules or the Magistrates Court Rules respectively apply (so far as they are capable of such application and subject to any directions of the Judge of the Family Division or the Chief Magistrate, as the case may be) to the practice and procedure of the Division.


    Note: For more information, please refer to the Information Sheets provided on your left.


    Chief Magistrate


    Mr. Usaia Ratuvili


    Resident Magistrates


    Mr. Chaitanya  Lakshman
    Ms. Deepika  Prakash



    Ms Sufia Hamza
    Mr Charles Ratakele



    Mr Tomasi Bainivalu



    Mr Thushara Thenakoon



    Mr Cama Tuberi



    Mr Peni Dalituicama
    Ms Nirosha Kannangara
    Ms Nilmini Ferdinandez



    Mr Jeremaia Lewaravu
    Mr Bandula Gunaratne
    Ms Nayani Kasturiratne
    Mr Sekonaia Vodokisolomone



    Mr Samuela Qica
    Mr Jioji Boseiwaqa


    Tavua and Rakiraki

    Mr Lisiate Fotofili



    Ms Senileba Levaci
    Mr Bimsara Jagodage



    Mr Timoci Qalinauci


    Calendar to be updated here when dates are confirmed.

    Fee(s) [VIP]

    Form 1 Application for Dissolution of Marriage $57.50

    Form 3 Application for Declaration of Validity of Marriage. $57.50

    Form 4 Responses to Form 1,2 and 3. $57.50

    Form 5 Application for Maintenance and Contribution. No Fee

    Form 6 Response to Form 5 No Fee

    Form 7 Application for contempt Proceedings. No Fee

    Form 8 Application for Consent Orders. No Fee

    Form 9 Application for Final Orders. $57.50

    Form 10 Response to Form 9 $57.50

    Form 11 Response to Form 10 $54.50

    Form 12 Application for Interim Orders and Child Recovery. No Fee

    Form 13 Response to Form 12 No Fee

    Form 14 Notice Seeking Counseling No Fee

    Form 15 Notice of Child Abuse or Risk of Child Abuse No Fee

    Form 16 Application for Registration of Parenting Plans. No Fee

    Form 17 Consent to Register Parenting Plan No Fee

    Form 18 Child Recovery Order No Fee

    Form 19 Financial Statement Form No Fee

    Form 20 Notice of Address of Service Form No Fee

    Form 21 Acknowledgement of Service Form No Fee

    Form 22 Affidavit of Service No Fee

    Form 23 Affidavit No Fee

    Form 24 Cover Sheet No Fee

    Form 25 Notice of Continuance No Fee

    Form 26 Appeal from Magistrates Court to High Court $115.00

    Search Fees $11.50

    Subpoena $5.75

    Notice of Change/ Appointment of Solicitors $5.75

    Notice of Change/Appointment of Solicitors $5.75

    Orders. (sealing of) No Fee

    Prepared by Registry $7.50

    Filed by Solicitors $5.75

    Photocopy Fees Per Page $1.15

    Copy Records Per Page $1.15

    Judgment Debtor Summons $11.50

    Late Filing Fees $11.50

    Submissions No Fee

    Hearing Fees Applicable only on defended matters for Forms 1,3,4,9,10,11(per day) $57.50

    Adoption $46.00

    JDS $11.50

    Committal Warrant $17.25