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Key Information



Mondays – Thursdays: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Fridays: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (except for gazetted Public Holidays)



Tavaiqia House, Tavewa Avenue, Lautoka, Fiji.

P O BOX 402, Lautoka.


Senior Court Officer: +679 6661152
General Enquiries: +679 666 4971 / +679 666 1152
Mobile: +679 9922337




The Central Agricultural Tribunal has jurisdiction to hear appeals where a Landlord or a Tenant is aggrieved by an award, order or certificate of Agricultural Tribunal made or issued under the provisions of the Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Act, Cap.270.


Mr. Jeremaia Lewaravu – Resident Magistrate [Civil & Family (Lautoka) & Tribunal]


Calendar to be updated here when dates are confirmed.

Fees [VIP]

Filing of any new application to the Agricultural Tribunal (including hearing fees) $23.98

Filing and issuing of any summons to witness, subpoena ducas tecum and notice to produce $6.54

Filing any motion in a reference $16.35

Filing a defence or an affidavit setting out the grounds of defence or an answer $6.54

Filing any order, judgement or terms of settlement $6.54

Filing an amended application or any amended defence or other affidavit $6.54

Filing an affidavit or any other document for which no fee is specially provided. $6.54

Supply of typed, carbon or duplicated copy of any record, judgment or order for up to 10 pages;

For each additional page  $0.50

Photocopying a page of any document $0.50

Supplying a blank application form $0.99

Inspection of an agricultural holding which is the subject of any dispute or reference before the Agricultural Tribunal $16.35

For inspection of a holding by a nominee of the PS for Agriculture to ascertain that rules of good husbandry have been observed, a fee dependent upon the estimated acreage of the holding to be inspected as follows:

a. Under 20acres $19.60
b. Over 20 acres but less than 40 acres $39.25
c. 40 acres or more, Tribunal to fix amount but not less
than $39.25

For issue by nominee of PS for Agriculture of a certificate of recommended improvements; a fee dependent on the estimated costs of improvement as follows:

a) Where estimated cost of improvement is less than $600. $9.91
b) Where estimated cost of improvement is $600. or more
but less than $1200. $21.80
c) Where estimated cost of improvement is $1200 or more
but less than. $32.70
d) For each $1000 or part in excess of $2500 estimated cost $6.54

Certify true copy of any record $6.54

Supplying a certificate of rent $6.54

Supplying a certificate of compensation $6.54

For search or perusal of any file or register $6.54

Filing notice of intention to appeal $13.08

Filing grounds of appeal {including hearing fee} $49.54

Filing application for leave to appeal out of time $21.80

Setting down a point of law for hearing $24.77

Filing any motion $16.35

Sealing an order made on the hearing of an appeal by the Central Agriculture Tribunal $16.35

Filing any Supplying a typed, carbon or duplicate copy of any court record, judgement or order (up to 10 pages) $0.50

For each additional page. $0.50

Affidavit $6.54

Submission free

Bundle of Documents free

Statement of Defence $6.54

Motion $16.35

Resealing $6.54