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Fridays: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (except for gazetted Public Holidays)



Level 1, Government Buildings, Victoria Parade, Suva.

PO BOX 2215 Government Bldgs, Suva.


Sanjeet Kumar – | 3211348/8301157

Senior Court Officer I: +679 3211 371 / +679 9922133

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    Section 40. (1) Of the Land Transport Act establishes the Land Transport Appeals Tribunal. The function of the Tribunal is to hear and determine appeals against decisions of the Authority relating to-

    1. licensing of drivers under section 56;
    2. any matter requiring a decision of the Authority under Part VI;
    3. any other matter prescribed by the Minister by regulations,


    In terms of Section 41 of the Act, the Judicial Service Commission may appoint a person who-

    1. is qualified to be appointed as a judge; or
    2. has relevant academic qualifications and experience, to be the Tribunal.


    The Judicial Service Commission may appoint a person possessing the qualifications stipulated in subsection 41 (1) to be alternate Tribunal, to sit whenever the person first appointed is unable to do so.


    The Tribunal has the following powers-

    1. to issue a summons to a witness in the prescribed form;
    2. to call for the production of books, plans and documents;
    3. to examine witnesses on oath or affirmation;
    4. to admit any evidence whether written or oral and whether or not such evidence would be admissible in civil or criminal proceedings;
    5. to exclude any person if necessary so as to ensure the proper conduct of the appeal or to preserve order.


    On an appeal, the Tribunal may dismiss the appeal or make such order as it thinks just and reasonable in the circumstances directing the Authority to issue, transfer, or cancel any license, certificate or permit, or to impose, vary, or remove any condition or restriction in respect of a license, certificate or permit, and the Authority shall comply with that order.


    Upon the determination of an appeal the Tribunal may make such order as it thinks just with the respect to the costs of the appeal, and any person to whom any such costs are awarded may recover the amount of those costs in any court of competent jurisdiction, as a debt due from the person against whom those costs are awarded.


    Mr. Chaitanya Lakshman (Resident Magistrate)


    Calendar to be updated here when dates are confirmed.

    Fees [VIP]

    Initiation by Notice & Grounds of Appeal or Notice of Motion to file appeal out of time $32.70 filing fees (VIP)

    No other fees is charged afterwards as indicated by His Lordship the Chief Registrar