Application number: 002/23

Application closes: 31/03/2023

Applications are invited by the Judicial Services Commission for the post of Resident Magistrate. A person is not qualified for appointment as Resident Magistrate unless he or she –


(a) holds, or has held a high judicial office in Fiji or in another country prescribed by law; or


(b) has had not less than 10 years post-admission practice as a legal practitioner in Fiji or in another country prescribed by law, and has not been found guilty of any disciplinary proceeding involving legal practitioners whether in Fiji or abroad, including any proceeding by the Independent Legal Services Commission or any proceeding under the law governing legal practitioners, barristers and solicitors prior to the establishment of the Independent Legal Services Commission.


Successful applicants may be appointed to a court centre anywhere in Fiji, and will be transferred from time to time in accordance with Departmental needs and at the discretion of the Chief Justice of the High Court.


Applications should be emailed to the Chief Registrar at  and must include the following supporting documents or information:


  1. Application Letter [which should include: Telephone & Mobile Numbers, Fax & Email Addresses  and Postal Address]
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Expression of Interest Form [completed and signed, which can be downloaded from the website –]
  4. Copies of Certificates and Degrees
  5. Certificate of Admission to the Bar
  6. Certificate of Good Standing [from Legal Practitioners Unit]
  7. Date of Birth [bio-data page of the Passport]
  8. Passport size photo
  9. Two Referees


Applications should be lodged no later than 31.03.2023. They can also be posted or hand delivered to the respective addresses below.


The Secretary [Chief Registrar’s Office]    Tel: (679) 321-1481                               P.O.Box 2215

Judicial Services Commission                      Fax: (679) 330-  674                           Government Buildings

Government Buildings                                  Email:         Suva, Fiji

Suva, Fiji                                                          Web:


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